About Nathan

Nathan Foster recently graduated from Tufts with a degree in physics. Last year, he served as the undergraduate representative on the Board of Trustees’ Administration and Finance Committee, where he strongly advocated against tuition hikes - which at current rates will make Tufts cost more than $100,000 a year in less than a decade. As a trustee rep, Nathan saw firsthand how the Board's decisions affect everything from campus culture to the livelihoods of workers to the composition of the student body. He also saw how disconnected the Board often is from the broader Tufts community. 

Nathan is a founding member of Reform the Board, a group calling for students, faculty, and staff to be added to the Board of Trustees as full voting members. At Tufts, he was also involved with the Society of Physics Students, the Karate Club, Tufts Labor Coalition, and Tufts Enigma. Nathan has worked at the American Institute of Physics FYI science policy news service, the Massachusetts State House, the Somerville Media Center, and Tufts’ very own Metric Geometry and Gerrymandering Group. 

As a young alumni with close relationships with current students, faculty, and staff, Nathan will bring a fresh perspective to the Board of Trustees. As a former trustee representative, Nathan has the experience to hit the ground running and contribute constructively to the Board's work. Nathan will do his best to represent the full Tufts community - and to 

At the Somerville Media Center, Nathan directed a fifteen minute documentary on tuition hikes and social class at Tufts:

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