What is the Board of Trustees?

The Board of Trustees is Tufts’ governing body. While administrators run the school on a day to day basis, ultimate decision-making power lies with the Board. Trustees sign off on tuition hikes, approve the construction of new buildings, and set tenure and promotion policy for professors. In a broader sense, they set the direction of the school. 

There are forty trustees. The vast majority - three quarters - are appointed by the Board of Trustees itself. The remaining seats are reserved for elected alumni.  I am running to be an alumni trustee. 

As a result of this selection process, the Board of Trustees tends not to reflect the diversity of economic background, racial identity, or lived experience of the full Tufts community. Nor does it include Tufts students or employees. This has a real effect on how Tufts, a multi-billion-dollar institution central to the lives of thousands of people, governs itself. Representation matters.

The Reform the Board movement is calling for elected student and faculty trustees to replace 10 of the self-appointed seats. I fully support this.